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03:35 PM LustreC Bug #96 (Resolved): Lustrec installation failed
Branch unstable,
The log is attached.
Hamza Bourbouh


09:40 PM LustreC Revision b2ffde68 (lustrec): Merge branch 'lustrec-seal' into cocosim_master
Hamza Bourbouh


05:35 AM LustreC Bug #93 (Closed): C code generation ERROR when node is stateless
lustrec -node Abs_TestGen5_PP Abs_TestGen5_PP.LUSTREC.lus
>make -f Abs_TestGen5_PP.LUSTREC.makefile
gcc -O0 -I/Us...
Hamza Bourbouh


05:15 AM LustreC Bug #92 (New): expression should have been normalized in EMF backend
lustrec -emf test.lus
.. parsing source file ./test.lus
.. Phase 1 : Normalisation
.. expanding automata
.. ...
Hamza Bourbouh
02:57 AM LustreC Bug #91 (Closed): Json of EMF backend is broken for array access
{"type": "array access",
"array": [{"type": "variable",
"value": "x",
"datatype": { "kind": "a...
Hamza Bourbouh
02:34 AM LustreC Bug #90 (Closed): Lustrec error is unreadable
lustrec -lusi NLGuidanceSpec.lus
Raised at file "", line 183, characters 8-17
Called from file "parsers/...
Hamza Bourbouh


08:24 PM LustreC Bug #81 (Closed): Example with Enumeration is not supported by Lustrev
fixed in lustrec-seal branch commit 73a4995aff22 Hamza Bourbouh
08:23 PM LustreC Bug #85 (Closed): lustrev failed
fixed in lustrec-seal branch Hamza Bourbouh
08:22 PM LustreC Bug #87 (Closed): kind2 output: merge
fixed in lustrec-seal branch Hamza Bourbouh
08:21 PM LustreC Bug #89 (Closed): EMF backend failed
fixed in 3b007718582b1726 Hamza Bourbouh

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