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ControlSystem Analysis Library Developer 01/29/2013
Quanser 3DOF open database Developer, Reporter 06/28/2012
Assumptio Manager, Developer 07/29/2011
pplWrapper Manager, Developer 01/27/2014
SMT-QE Manager, Developer, Reporter 12/17/2012
The Unified Formal Framework Manager, Developer 01/27/2014



12:03 PM Assumptio Assumptio v3.0
Now with akka actors.
Added support for CVC4.
Log is still a little bit buggy.
Documentation only:
Adrien Champion
11:59 AM Assumptio UserManual.pdf
User manual Adrien Champion
11:26 AM Assumptio assumptio_v3.0.tar.gz
Assumptio v3.0, complete project with user manual. Adrien Champion


05:28 PM SMT-QE qeAplas2013.tar.gz
Scala implementation used for benchmarks for APLAS 2013. Adrien Champion


12:03 PM SMT-QE systems.tar.gz
Files for the Science of Computer Programming article. Adrien Champion


04:42 PM SMT-QE reconf5-4.tar.gz
Reconf preimage 5 (fourth part) Adrien Champion
04:42 PM SMT-QE reconf5-3.tar.gz
Reconf preimage 5 (third part) Adrien Champion
04:42 PM SMT-QE reconf5-2.tar.gz
Reconf preimage 5 (second part) Adrien Champion
04:42 PM SMT-QE reconf5-1.tar.gz
Reconf preimage 5 (first part) Adrien Champion
04:41 PM SMT-QE reconf4-2.tar.gz
Reconf preimage 4 (second part) Adrien Champion

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