Pierre-Loïc Garoche





12:16 AM LustreC Revision 5de4dde4 (lustrec): Major refreshing of machine generation
03:32 AM LustreC Revision 59020713 (lustrec): Some progress on EMF bqckend. Refactoring machines code


12:16 AM LustreC Revision e8250987 (lustrec): Unevaluation of types and clocks dimension has been already performe...
11:53 PM LustreC Revision 95944ba1 (lustrec): Cleaning up stuff in normalization. Mainly replace arguments with on...
node_Table hashtbl is now only available through functions of the corelang.mli
09:19 PM LustreC Revision 684d39e7 (lustrec): Moved lusic to .h printer after normalizing in case we want one day ...
Trying also to extend the parser to deal with imported nodes....
08:15 PM LustreC Revision 217837e2 (lustrec): Unified compilation of lusi and lus files
Different parsers yet but shared process.
In case of lusi input the C backend is bypassed since the .h is generated f...
05:58 AM LustreC Revision 19a1e66b (lustrec): Added include directive that directly inject a lustre source file in...
03:23 AM LustreC Revision 5fccce23 (lustrec): - Dep type with a tuple has been replaced by a record type
- Modules now is more integrated and performed the building of the type/clock env.
previously some computation were...


11:21 PM LustreC Revision f9f06e7d (lustrec): - Module.load_header and load_program were merged.
- Contract were extended with list of statements.
11:20 PM LustreC Revision a4158a4b (lustrec): Added back the gitbranch option ins Was wrongly remove...

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