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Description of the Quanser system

The object of study is a 3 degree of freedom helicopter by quanser.

The file QUANSER-3DOFHelicopter_Reference_Manual.pdf gives its
specification. In this project we focus on the following elements:

  • The controller takes, as an input, the three angles (travel, elevation and
  • It pilots the two motors;
  • Resolution for travel angle is 8192;
  • Resolution for elevation and pitch angles is 4096;
  • The motor control is a voltage +-25V. However the rated voltage is 12V
    and peak voltage can be brought up to 22V without damage.

Objective: formally certified controller

We target, in a first phase, on the following properties:
  • stability
  • soundness of the safety patterns
  • conformance with languages requirements (eg. no RTE for C code)

Those properties should be verified on the final product; or, at least, at the source code level.

Running the device

The device is run through Simulink. However it is possible to run any kind of controller through a S-function construct in Simulink.

The objective is to modify the platform to multiply the sensors and implement both at the harware and software level the usual safety patterns to achieve level A certification.

Shared material: controllers

By description language:
  • Matlab Simulink controllers
  • Lustre controllers
  • C controllers
By controller:
  1. Simple L1 - Matlab Simulink - v1 v2
    1. Simple L1 - lustre (from v1) - basic translation
    2. Simple L1 - lustre (from v1) - one node
      1. Simple L1 - C - generated by lus2c from v1 controller main loop
    3. Simple L1 - C - generated by Geneauto from v2 (without Lustre phase) controller
  1. Simple lqr - Matlab Simulink - v1

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