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Name Size Revision Age Author Comment 20 KB aaa8e454 about 3 years Lélio Brun it works 23 Bytes a6df3992 over 7 years Pierre-Loïc Garoche Working on EMF backend to express cocospec info... 15.9 KB c4780a6a about 3 years Lélio Brun work on new reset functions generation 1.26 KB c35de73b over 5 years Pierre-Loïc Garoche Pretty serious update: - a bug in regressio nte...

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aaa8e454 06/16/2021 06:44 PM Lélio Brun

it works

c4780a6a 06/15/2021 05:34 PM Lélio Brun

work on new reset functions generation

6d1693b9 06/14/2021 07:06 PM Lélio Brun

work on spec generation almost done

7ee5f69e 05/04/2021 10:20 AM Lélio Brun

corrections on loggers + spec in AST

ca7e8027 02/05/2021 02:36 PM Lélio Brun

fix almost all warnings

719ae9fd 02/03/2021 02:47 PM Lélio Brun

migration draft on dune

ef598ac3 11/17/2020 04:38 PM Pierre-Loïc Garoche

moved from Num to Zarith. IMpacted ad uses of Z3 in zustre_cex and seal-extract

9b2c037f 11/20/2019 04:42 PM Pierre-Loïc Garoche

solved bug 91 on cavale: spurious commas in emf backend

490f1952 11/20/2019 04:38 PM Pierre-Loïc Garoche

Merge branch 'unstable' into lustrec-seal

ab8388cf 11/06/2019 10:19 AM Pierre-Loïc Garoche

[emf] added the names of the cocospec properties in the output json

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