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Name Size Revision Age Author Comment 3.57 KB d040e852 about 4 years Arnaud Dieumegard Modified output display for check mode 4.16 KB e15a8d65 about 4 years Arnaud Dieumegard Added open in vhdl ast 21.2 KB 1e0f3191 almost 4 years Arnaud Dieumegard Update of types fields names

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1e0f3191 12/06/2018 12:41 PM Arnaud Dieumegard

Update of types fields names

fb5326a7 11/28/2018 04:50 PM Arnaud Dieumegard

Cleaned code to prevent unused variables warnings

a0721293 11/17/2018 05:31 AM Pierre-Loïc Garoche

program type is now program_t

d17a251e 10/05/2018 03:55 PM Pierre-Loïc Garoche

Some progress on Lustre-> VHDL backend. The structure is prepared but almost empty. More work to be done.

a972e0f8 09/26/2018 12:40 PM Arnaud Dieumegard

Help comments on mini_vhdl to lustre transformation

639e5db9 09/26/2018 11:31 AM Arnaud Dieumegard

Added node variables generation from signals/variables definitions in architecture

35107b42 09/26/2018 10:51 AM Arnaud Dieumegard

Code cosmetics

dd48d8c9 09/26/2018 09:50 AM Arnaud Dieumegard

Mini_vhdl to lsutre code cleaning

b98638f7 09/25/2018 05:59 PM Arnaud Dieumegard

Added new functions to generate i/o and nodes

13872a54 09/25/2018 03:56 PM Arnaud Dieumegard

Added missing transformation methods squelettons for mini_vhdl to lustre transformation

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