From 10/20/2019 to 11/18/2019


05:25 PM Revision b309c9b7 (lustrec): big: missing case with substituting expressions
Pierre-Loïc Garoche


12:34 AM Revision e8f55c25 (lustrec): - tag_true and tag_false moved to lustre_types
- real constants are hidden in{i} module Pierre-Loïc Garoche
12:34 AM Revision efc2cd2f (lustrec): [seal] more progress on seal extract
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
12:33 AM Revision 720c7244 (lustrec): sort of slicing for machine code
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
12:32 AM Revision 7075d9fc (lustrec): kind2 option for printing expressions
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
12:27 AM Revision 8df40160 (lustrec): Reactivated Unfold constant
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
12:25 AM Revision 2d2d89d7 (lustrec): partial evaluation for basic lib
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
12:02 AM Revision de8e9811 (lustrec): Module to manipulate real constants. For the moment we Num
Pierre-Loïc Garoche


05:56 PM Revision 3066247f (lustrec): cleaning debug logs
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
05:56 PM Revision e47138b8 (lustrec): reactivating the unfolding of constants
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
05:55 PM Revision 2db953dd (lustrec): flatten dependencies in schedule to make sure all required equations are used
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
05:54 PM Revision 8a11dc80 (lustrec): cleaning debug logs
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
05:15 AM Bug #92 (New): expression should have been normalized in EMF backend
lustrec -emf test.lus
.. parsing source file ./test.lus
.. Phase 1 : Normalisation
.. expanding automata
.. ...
Hamza Bourbouh
02:57 AM Bug #91 (Closed): Json of EMF backend is broken for array access
{"type": "array access",
"array": [{"type": "variable",
"value": "x",
"datatype": { "kind": "a...
Hamza Bourbouh
02:34 AM Bug #90 (Closed): Lustrec error is unreadable
lustrec -lusi NLGuidanceSpec.lus
Raised at file "", line 183, characters 8-17
Called from file "parsers/...
Hamza Bourbouh


10:19 AM Revision ab8388cf (lustrec): [emf] added the names of the cocospec properties in the output json
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
07:53 AM Revision e6b644f4 (lustrec): better negation of constants
Pierre-Loïc Garoche


12:11 AM Revision 51aef490 (lustrec): Better treatment of arrays in EMF backend. Be careful it may have changed the way enum types are declared
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
12:11 AM Lustrec-Tests Revision 2a5c9911 (lustrec-tests): array example with spec
Pierre-Loïc Garoche

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