From 03/31/2019 to 04/29/2019


10:29 PM Revision dc732cf2 (lustrec): Solved scopes print order
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
01:53 PM Revision 05f85b44 (lustrec): Ada: Start cleaning Ada to prepare for why beckend
Guillaume DAVY


12:55 PM Revision c1f565cd (lustrec): Merge branch 'ada' of into ada
Guillaume DAVY
12:47 PM Revision 173a2a8f (lustrec): Ada: Lot of specification is exported in Ada. We use ghost code to store all states,
we generate the transition pridicate but also the invariant. But two problems, occured.
The first one is a visibility...
Guillaume DAVY


02:27 AM Revision 6f3a65e2 (lustrec): No need for open lustrec_math inside simulink_math_fcn. It creates an error when they are both imported in the same lustre file.
02:27 AM Bug #77 (Closed): lustrec-seal branch failed to compile a valid lustre file (compiled by master branch)
lustrec -version
Lustrec compiler, version 1.7-1031-lustrec-seal (Xia/Huai-dev)
Attached is a lustre file that is...
Hamza Bourbouh
01:50 AM Bug #71 (Closed): C code generation failed
every operator was using a boolean expression instead of a bool clock variable. Solved by creating local variable of ... Hamza Bourbouh


03:57 PM Revision 1d95f425 (lustrec): Debug en cours sur les calculs Salsa
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
03:16 PM Revision 325f07c0 (lustrec): doc: use SVG format instead of PNG for dependency graph
Christophe Garion
03:09 PM Revision aa85bd44 (lustrec): Doc: update rule and remove old module in odocl
Guillaume DAVY


04:37 PM Revision b5b745fb (lustrec): Ada: First support for transition predicate generation.
Guillaume DAVY
04:36 PM Revision 867276c9 (lustrec): Machine_code: Make a correction in the arrow machine creation :
use the same polymorphic type in variables and values. Guillaume DAVY


04:11 PM Revision 2477d634 (lustrec): Ada: Correct some errors in printing
Guillaume DAVY
02:14 PM Revision 230b168e (lustrec): Ada: Refactor Ada Backend to reduce redundancy, make it more modular and
more simple. Guillaume DAVY


04:00 AM Bug #76 (New): Import error: Load error: imported node real_to_int declared in a regular Lustre file. File "include/conv.lusi", line 1, characters 0-64:
*Branch used: Seal version 1.7-1000-lustrec-seal (Xia/Huai-dev)*
*lustrec -horn -d toto -algebraic-loop-solve ap_12B...
Hamza Bourbouh
03:58 AM Bug #75 (New): exception File "checks/", line 368, characters 16-22: Assertion failed
*Branch used: unstable (up to date)*
*lustrec -I /Users/hbourbou/Documents/cavale/local/include/lustrec -horn -d tot...
Hamza Bourbouh

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