From 03/29/2019 to 04/27/2019


12:55 PM Revision c1f565cd (lustrec): Merge branch 'ada' of into ada
Guillaume DAVY
12:47 PM Revision 173a2a8f (lustrec): Ada: Lot of specification is exported in Ada. We use ghost code to s...
we generate the transition pridicate but also the invariant. But two problems, occured.
The first one is a visibility...
Guillaume DAVY


02:27 AM Revision 6f3a65e2 (lustrec): No need for open lustrec_math inside simulink_math_fcn. It creates a...
02:27 AM Bug #77 (Closed): lustrec-seal branch failed to compile a valid lustre file (compiled by master b...
lustrec -version
Lustrec compiler, version 1.7-1031-lustrec-seal (Xia/Huai-dev)
Attached is a lustre file that is...
Hamza Bourbouh


01:50 AM Bug #71 (Closed): C code generation failed
every operator was using a boolean expression instead of a bool clock variable. Solved by creating local variable of ... Hamza Bourbouh


03:57 PM Revision 1d95f425 (lustrec): Debug en cours sur les calculs Salsa
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
03:16 PM Revision 325f07c0 (lustrec): doc: use SVG format instead of PNG for dependency graph
Christophe Garion
03:09 PM Revision aa85bd44 (lustrec): Doc: update rule and remove old module in odocl
Guillaume DAVY


04:37 PM Revision b5b745fb (lustrec): Ada: First support for transition predicate generation.
Guillaume DAVY
04:36 PM Revision 867276c9 (lustrec): Machine_code: Make a correction in the arrow machine creation :
use the same polymorphic type in variables and values. Guillaume DAVY


04:11 PM Revision 2477d634 (lustrec): Ada: Correct some errors in printing
Guillaume DAVY
02:14 PM Revision 230b168e (lustrec): Ada: Refactor Ada Backend to reduce redundancy, make it more modular...
more simple. Guillaume DAVY


04:00 AM Bug #76 (New): Import error: Load error: imported node real_to_int declared in a regular Lustre ...
*Branch used: Seal version 1.7-1000-lustrec-seal (Xia/Huai-dev)*
*lustrec -horn -d toto -algebraic-loop-solve ap_12B...
Hamza Bourbouh
03:58 AM Bug #75 (New): exception File "checks/", line 368, characters 16-22: Assertion fa...
*Branch used: unstable (up to date)*
*lustrec -I /Users/hbourbou/Documents/cavale/local/include/lustrec -horn -d tot...
Hamza Bourbouh


03:34 AM Bug #74 (New): const is not supported inside contract
When defining constants inside contract, their definition is ignored in json output, but their call is not impacted.
Hamza Bourbouh

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