From 09/26/2018 to 10/25/2018


01:33 PM Revision 95fb046e (lustrec): Scheduling of node equations is now attached to machine type
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
01:31 PM Revision 365d1b07 (lustrec): Moved definition of graph modules from Causality to Utils to avoid c...
Pierre-Loïc Garoche


12:32 AM Revision 99cb0623 (lustrec): Merge branch 'unstable' into lustrec-seal
Pierre-Loïc Garoche


04:06 PM Lustrec-Tests Revision 02daae65 (lustrec-tests): Merge branch 'master' of
Arnaud Dieumegard
04:05 PM Lustrec-Tests Revision 17566465 (lustrec-tests): Update of makefile
Arnaud Dieumegard
04:05 PM Lustrec-Tests Revision 3fd18385 (lustrec-tests): Update of test cases with new version of Linty VHDL parser
Arnaud Dieumegard
04:04 PM Lustrec-Tests Revision 06358836 (lustrec-tests): Added makefile to launch tests
Arnaud Dieumegard


05:14 PM Lustrec-Tests Revision 0b109a10 (lustrec-tests): Scheduling issue
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
05:03 PM Revision ba371202 (lustrec): Merge branch 'cocospec' of in...
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
04:53 PM Revision a6b15b13 (lustrec): Merge branch 'cocospec' of in...
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
04:52 PM Revision 2d27eedd (lustrec): - Global type env and clock env now availble as a global reference (...
- Adapted the parsing of specification with a cocospec compatible one
- The data structure of contracts is now almost...
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
04:49 PM Lustrec-Tests Revision 2d37a1e1 (lustrec-tests): Renaminig lustre contracts from ensures to guarantees
Will require the latest cocospec branch to compile (before it is integrated in the unstable/master branches) Pierre-Loïc Garoche
11:01 AM Revision d4b28a09 (lustrec): cocospec: fixing merge conflicts on parser
Christophe Garion
09:25 AM Revision 873647ba (lustrec): Merge branch 'cocospec' of in...
Pierre-Loïc Garoche


10:00 PM Bug #70: Lustrec does not terminate
The redmine may be in bad shape due to the migration. I'll investigate. Please send it by email. Anonymous
09:45 PM Bug #70: Lustrec does not terminate
I get always Internal Server Error. I will send it by email Hamza Bourbouh
09:39 PM Bug #70: Lustrec does not terminate
Where is the file? Anonymous
08:43 PM Bug #70: Lustrec does not terminate
It terminates, but take a very long time to finish. Hamza Bourbouh
08:36 PM Bug #70 (Closed): Lustrec does not terminate
Lustrec does not terminate and is stuck while generating the C code for the attached file.
Hamza Bourbouh
07:54 PM Revision 778c80fd (lustrec): Some refactoring
Adapted the parser/types/constructors for cocospec syntax Pierre-Loïc Garoche
07:53 PM Lustrec-Tests Revision 5dfe059d (lustrec-tests): Cocospec
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
03:55 PM Revision d17a251e (lustrec): Some progress on Lustre-> VHDL backend. The structure is prepared bu...
Pierre-Loïc Garoche


09:32 AM Revision e8c89553 (lustrec): Adding lustrei target to makefile
Compute dependencies in Pierre-Loïc Garoche


07:04 PM Lustrec-Tests Revision c3af3032 (lustrec-tests): add more contracts examples


05:00 PM Revision dae7afb1 (lustrec): Comments update
Arnaud Dieumegard
02:52 PM Lustrec-Tests Revision bc44cd9e (lustrec-tests): Merge branch 'master' of
Arnaud Dieumegard
02:51 PM Lustrec-Tests Revision 222162a5 (lustrec-tests): Correct version of the two_counters exported json file
Arnaud Dieumegard
02:50 PM Revision 02440160 (lustrec): vhdl and mini_vhdl pp: remove empty lines and useless linebreaks in ...
Arnaud Dieumegard
12:40 PM Revision a972e0f8 (lustrec): Help comments on mini_vhdl to lustre transformation
Arnaud Dieumegard
11:31 AM Revision 639e5db9 (lustrec): Added node variables generation from signals/variables definitions i...
Arnaud Dieumegard
10:51 AM Revision 35107b42 (lustrec): Code cosmetics
Arnaud Dieumegard
09:50 AM Revision dd48d8c9 (lustrec): Mini_vhdl to lsutre code cleaning
Arnaud Dieumegard

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