From 03/01/2018 to 03/30/2018


11:43 PM Revision 2fb97ad4 (lustrec): Merge conflict solved
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
11:40 PM Revision 6eda0c25 (lustrec): Merge branch 'unstable' into lustrec-seal
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
11:23 PM Revision ea8f51ae (lustrec): Basic library printers moved into backend specific printer files
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
11:14 PM Revision 2863281f (lustrec): Further restructuring:
-* to define basic builder for arrow (node, name, ...)
- machine_code_common similar to corelang but for mac...
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
10:43 PM Revision 089f94be (lustrec): MLI for normalization and machine_code.
Structs defining machines are now in machine_code_types Pierre-Loïc Garoche
05:54 PM Revision 8446bf03 (lustrec): - Makefile: solved dependency problem when compiling include lusi
- Renamed type declarations as lustre_types and machine_code_types Pierre-Loïc Garoche
05:15 PM Revision 58dc23f3 (lustrec): Merge branch 'unstable' of into unstable
Pierre-Loïc Garoche


03:53 PM Revision 53472c83 (lustrec): Updated TODO
Changed selection of files in odocl Pierre-Loïc Garoche
01:41 PM Revision ff2d7a82 (lustrec): Ongoing work on zustre
Pierre-Loïc Garoche


10:41 AM Revision bc86ee26 (lustrec): Merge branch 'unstable' of into unstable
Xavier Thirioux
10:35 AM Revision c1785a55 (lustrec): ongoing work on zustre backend
Pierre-Loïc Garoche


03:50 AM Revision c5de2e97 (lustrec): Add the script to update LD_LIBRARY_PATH for z3
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
03:00 AM Revision 639e5507 (lustrec): add lustrec math functions
02:59 AM Revision dd29e0c7 (lustrec): add lustrec math functions
02:58 AM Revision 0bca9d53 (lustrec): Recursive resolution of dependencies
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
12:07 AM Revision ad4774b0 (lustrec): - Normalization parameters (alias and unfold_array) are now provided as parameter
- program type renamed as program_t
- Initiating the lustrev tool with dependencies to z3 and seal.
Pierre-Loïc Garoche


09:54 AM Revision 95b6c290 (lustrec): Merge branch 'unstable' into salsa
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
09:52 AM Revision 642e116d (lustrec): Ongoing work on salsa: introduce slicing of expr
Pierre-Loïc Garoche


09:27 AM Revision a7aad4e2 (lustrec): Moved some stuff outside. Should be reintroduced later
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
09:25 AM Revision e96483ee (lustrec): Merge branch 'unstable' into copy_proof_acsl_new_backend
Pierre-Loïc Garoche

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