From 01/02/2018 to 01/31/2018


10:01 AM Lustrec-Tests Revision d895591e (lustrec-tests): More functions
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
09:58 AM Lustrec-Tests Revision a603f261 (lustrec-tests): More tests
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
07:27 AM Revision 66359a5e (lustrec): [general] large modification: added machine types, a second typing phase dealing with machine types (eg uint8)
typing was transformed as a functor and parametrized by basic types (int/real/bool)
it can also be applied ...
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
07:23 AM Revision b7c3790e (lustrec): [lustret] improved enumeration of mutants
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
07:21 AM Revision cda2fcc8 (lustrec): [lustret] When generating MC/DC conditions, produce them as EMF XML output
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
07:17 AM Revision a1230f68 (lustrec): Solved issues with configure and ocaml libs dependencies
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
06:13 AM Lustrec-Tests Revision 8af9a0b9 (lustrec-tests): New machine types related test cases
Pierre-Loïc Garoche


03:01 PM Revision 185ddf4d (lustrec): Type issue Bytes vs string
Pierre-Loïc Garoche


02:30 AM Feature #63 (New): Skip normalization step in mutation generation if it possible
Mutation file is not similar to original file, in order to trace back the mutation to original lustre is hard. Hamza Bourbouh


05:39 PM Bug #61 (Closed): lustret error
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
05:38 PM Bug #61 (Resolved): lustret error
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
05:38 PM Bug #61: lustret error
Solved by 5d5139a5e1821 Pierre-Loïc Garoche
02:09 AM Bug #61 (Closed): lustret error
/Users/hbourbou/Documents/babelfish/cocosim2/tools/verifiers/osx/lustrec/bin/lustret -I /Users/hbourbou/Documents/bab... Hamza Bourbouh
05:39 PM Bug #60 (Closed): lustret naming error for libraries
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
05:38 PM Bug #60 (Resolved): lustret naming error for libraries
Solved by 5d5139a5e1821 Pierre-Loïc Garoche
05:36 PM Revision 5d5139a5 (lustrec): [lustret] More effective mutants generation
Solved the misrenaming of imported nodes (eg int_to_real) Pierre-Loïc Garoche
05:34 PM Revision 70466917 (lustrec): [main] node locals are now sorted according to their dependencies wrt clocks. The produced lustre node with types shall now be compilable
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
05:33 PM Revision 94cf0fc5 (lustrec): [main] cleaned superfluous empty line in generated lustre output
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
05:31 PM Revision 13aec2da (lustrec): [main] enum typedef in C use the original lustre filename as identifier. This commit cleans the filename to remove dots.
Pierre-Loïc Garoche


11:23 PM Bug #60 (Closed): lustret naming error for libraries
int_to_real devient int_to_real_mutant.
It is considered as lustre node, but it is an external library.
Hamza Bourbouh
05:12 PM Bug #59 (Closed): Lustret failed
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
05:11 PM Bug #59 (Resolved): Lustret failed
Solved in commit 87dd79374749a5c79 Pierre-Loïc Garoche
05:09 PM Revision 5487dd79 (lustrec): [mutations] solved issues with
- mutations that could not be performed (ie. changing an integer constants when no integer constant appear in the pro... Pierre-Loïc Garoche
05:08 PM Revision 76bed200 (lustrec): Added cmake basic functions
Improved the Cmake Lustre_Compile function Pierre-Loïc Garoche


08:09 PM Revision 1ca48e48 (lustrec): No existing input file returns a 1 error code
Pierre-Loïc Garoche

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