From 03/29/2017 to 04/27/2017


11:36 PM Revision 0910283c (lustrec): Merge branch 'unstable' into merge_seahorn_unstable
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
10:42 PM Revision 2fdbc781 (lustrec): Cleaning output:
- no more classic display for ocamlc
- compilation warnings removed
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
09:57 PM Revision 375cbca2 (lustrec): Merge branch 'unstable' into merge_mauve_unstable
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
01:38 PM Revision 9a555140 (lustrec): _tags is generated now
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
01:38 PM Revision 1954d776 (lustrec): Cleaner configure autoconf script
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
12:19 AM Revision 09121c1a (lustrec): Merge branch 'testgen' into merging_unstable_testgen
Pierre-Loïc Garoche


11:25 PM Revision d2d9d4cb (lustrec): Missing files
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
11:23 PM Revision 85da3a4b (lustrec): Merge branch 'unstable' into merging_plugins
Non regression results were similar to master branch Pierre-Loïc Garoche
02:15 PM Revision 8d184ba8 (lustrec): Removing generated file
Pierre-Loïc Garoche


10:57 PM Revision a97d3e02 (lustrec): Printing reals in Horn backend
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
09:43 AM Revision 0d065e73 (lustrec): Solved a bug in the compilation of asserts. Now different behavior depending on the backend:
functional: keep it as is
non func: introduce a fresh local var v and replace assert(e) by v=e; assert (v);
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
09:42 AM Revision 76c7023b (lustrec): functional_backend function moved to corelang
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
09:41 AM Revision 4e809854 (lustrec): Cosmetic changes
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
09:41 AM Revision 5e7cecdd (lustrec): More informative error message in case of untyped value
Pierre-Loïc Garoche
09:40 AM Revision 5cd53307 (lustrec): Updated deps: requires ocamlgraph as an ocamlfind package
Pierre-Loïc Garoche


08:10 PM Revision c0f8cc54 (lustrec): add tan function to math.lusi


04:31 PM Revision 4dc6ecde (lustrec): Deprecated function changed for compatibility with ocaml 4.04
Xavier Thirioux
04:27 PM Revision bde99c3f (lustrec): This is the first merge that does compile. Not tested yet.
Xavier Thirioux


04:53 PM Revision 40d33d55 (lustrec): first version (doesn't even compile) of mutation and test generation standalone command: lustret
mostly a recovery of an ancient svn repo: mutations Xavier Thirioux

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