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Renamed math in lustrec_math

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(* by Lustre-C compiler version 1.3-458, 2016/10/25, 13:38:50 *)
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(* Feel free to mask some of the definitions by removing them from this file. *)
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#open <math>
#open <lustrec_math>
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node math_vect_2_test (In6_1_1: real; In6_1_2: real; In6_1_3: real; In7_1_1: real; In7_1_2: real; In7_1_3: real; In8_1_1: real; In8_1_2: real; In8_1_3: real; In9_1_1: real; In9_1_2: real; In9_1_3: real; In11_1_1: real; In11_1_2: real; In11_1_3: real; In1_1_1: real; In1_1_2: real; In1_1_3: real; In2_1_1: real; In3_1_1: real; In4_1_1: real; In4_1_2: real; In4_1_3: real) returns (Out6_1_1: real; Out6_1_2: real; Out6_1_3: real; Out7_2_1: real; Out7_2_2: real; Out7_2_3: real; Out8_3_1: real; Out8_3_2: real; Out8_3_3: real; Out10_4_1: real; Out10_4_2: real; Out10_4_3: real; Out1_5_1: real; Out1_5_2: real; Out1_5_3: real; Out2_6_1: real; Out2_6_2: real; Out2_6_3: real);
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