Adrien Champion

Assumptio Manual v0.5

08/24/2011 02:51 PM

This is the Assumptio manual, version 0.5.

It contains a technical description of Assumptio as well as a simple example to show how to use it.

Assumptio user manual v1.0

09/29/2011 05:10 PM

Coming together with the release of Assumptio v1.0 (, Assumptio's user manual v1.0.

Assumptio user manual v1.5

11/18/2011 03:20 PM

User manual v1.5.

Assumptio user manual v1.6

11/22/2011 04:35 PM

Assumptio user manual version 1.6 is out.

-> The log path is now specified for each instance of the solver master.

Assumptio user manual v1.7

02/21/2012 05:09 PM

New version, corrected deprecated sections.

Assumptio user manual v2.0

03/14/2012 02:56 PM

The Assumptio manual version 2.0.
Check the news section for more information.

Assumptio User Manual 3.0

06/24/2013 11:59 AM

User Manual