From 10/24/2011 to 11/22/2011


04:40 PM Assumptio v1.6
The log path is now specified upon instantiation of the solver master class.
You can download Assumptio 1.6 here:
Adrien Champion
04:38 PM Assumptio_v1.6.tar.gz
Assumptio v1.6 Adrien Champion
04:35 PM Document: Assumptio user manual v1.6
Assumptio user manual version 1.6 is out.
-> The log path is now specified for each instance of the solver master.
Adrien Champion
04:35 PM Assumptio_Manual_1.6.pdf
Assumptio user manual v1.6 Adrien Champion


03:20 PM Document: Assumptio user manual v1.5
User manual v1.5. Adrien Champion
03:20 PM Assumptio_Manual_1.5.pdf
Assumptio user manual v1.5 Adrien Champion
03:17 PM Assumptio_v1.5.tar.gz
Assumptio v1.5 Adrien Champion
03:15 PM Assumptio v1.5
Assumptio 1.5 is available here
If you just want to t...
Adrien Champion

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