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Your Boyfriend is an addictive simulation game that tests your mental strength and patience. In this free download, you play as a young woman named Y/N, who works at a greasy spoon diner to pay off her rent. In a bizarre turn of events, you begin to develop a mysterious relationship with a stranger. You must make choices regarding how you behave around the stranger, while keeping in mind the consequences of your actions. The controls are simple: click on the screen to make a selection. Download the game Your Boyfriend Game for free on your phone at

Your Boyfriend Download allows you to make choices throughout the story and change how your boyfriend reacts to different scenarios. In addition, you can also choose the ending for your story. It's a fun game that has many replay value and allows you to customize your relationship with your boyfriend. Other similar apps include People Playground and Emergency HQ. This is an addicting game that is perfect for young girls and adults who enjoy an addictive adventure!

The gameplay is similar to other simulation games, but it is much more realistic than the others. You have to choose the right things for your boyfriend to make him fall in love with you. While this can be fun, it's important to remember that your boyfriend's reaction will depend on your choices, and you won't be able to choose the right thing at the wrong time. So, be careful when choosing your words. Your words and actions can impact your boyfriend's reactions, so take a moment to think carefully before you speak out.

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