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Whatsapp Aero - Make Your Phone Auto Connect

Added by Anonymous 3 months ago.

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Whatsapp Aero is a great version of the messaging service, an IMAP/PMS client, it has so many more capabilities than its ancestor the standard version. It offers you more flexibility, it's very flexible in terms of modifying many aesthetic aspects and it also manages to add even more functionalities:

The first thing to notice about is the extreme ease with which you can customize it. There are no specialized icons, instead every part of the interface has been carefully considered and is thus pretty much interactive. The user interface won't leave anything to be desired. And the best thing about it is that customization will work out perfectly, your icon will change with the current activity and you can choose from a number of themes that you can apply to each individual message. And the best thing about this customization is that this wont require any additional software to do it: you will simply have to go into the "configure" option of your messaging app and you will get this list of available icons.

This means that whatsapp aero will not only give you access to several different but very personalized functionalities but it will also manage to make everything run together smoothly: you wont need to install any third party software or adjust any settings on your device. Whatsapp Aero will work out perfectly well on any android phone (phone manufacturer imitating the design) and will be very easy to use as well. You can download aero for free from the official google play store and you will surely not regret it after you have seen the features of the app. If you want you can also try out the trial version before purchasing it.

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