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Radio rfm and the benefits of radio rfm

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So what sort of synergies might those be? Let's say, for instance, that there is a concert coming up on the horizon. The host is hoping that listeners will tune into the stream so that they can hear the performance live. Of course, he's hoping that they'll also download the program to their smart phones so that they can listen while they're out on the run at

At the very least, the host will have to make certain that there are enough internet radio channels online to accommodate the anticipated audience. There are some estimates, for instance, that claim up to 40 million mobile internet radio channels exist today, making those 40 million radio channels prime targets for those marketers interested in reaching out to their target audience. If that's the case, then it makes sense to take advantage of the power of streaming to make sure that all of those listeners can actually hear the broadcasted programming.

There is another benefit to be found when using streaming for audio and video that few people realize. That is that it allows you to control your audience. Now you may wonder why I would recommend that you do that. Because if you simply allow everyone who wishes to listen to your program to listen to it live, then you're not truly giving them the chance to hear your message. Instead, if they only have a static page on their mobile device where they can't view your live stream, then they've effectively been deprived of your message.

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