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Automatically download and paste Reddit wallpapers into Windows

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Reddit Wallpaper Changer is a free program for Microsoft Windows operating system that pulls wallpaper images from Reddit to set them as wallpaper on the desktop of Windows Computers.

Reddit is a goldmine for all types of images including wallpapers. The site has hundreds of groups that focus on wallpapers; Many cater to different audiences who like space, nature or animal wallpapers, and some are general types of groups.

At the same time, you can browse through different groups on Reddit, such as wallpaper group, to download individual images as you want, you can also automate the process if you want.

In addition to downloading Reddit images, you can also download Reddit videos using:

Reddit Wallpaper Changer

Reddit Wallpaper Changer finds images that match the resolution of the computer screen on Reddit, retrieves one that you pick at random from the list of results, and sets it as a background on the desktop in the system.

It stores wallpaper locally, and skips all copies of the image it comes across. The default interval where the background is changed images is set to 1 minute, it is fast, but you can change the interval in the program settings. You can change it to any other value in minutes, hours or even days.

The program supports several customization options. You can add or remove groups such as app searches for example, and to switch from selecting a random image to top-ranked, latest or hottest images instead.

You can also enable wallpaper size validation to avoid images that are not available at the desired resolution, and disable the fade effect used by the program.

Wallpapers are saved to a location on the local computer, but only temporarily by default. You need to enable "automatically save all wallpapers" settings under Settings> background settings, to have Reddit Wallpapers Change save them permanently.

The program lists all screens that it is detected in an interface. You can define rules for determining wallpapers, the default rule is to stretch the wallpaper, but you can change it to other suitable options such as center, flat or fit.

Right-clicking on the program icon in the system tray will display options for favorite or blacklist wallpapers, and to cancel it. There is also an option to save wallpaper, which is convenient if you do not enable the automatic option to save. You can also choose to change the background image directly from the context menu.

History, favorites and blacklisting function does not work properly during testing. While the options were available to change the status of an image, the application did not list these under favorites or blacklist, and did not record wallpaper history either.

Concluding Words

Reddit Wallpaper Change is a powerful program to change the desktop wallpaper on Windows machines automatically by downloading images from popular Reddit groups. It supports group customization on Reddit, and several customization options for displaying wallpapers.


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