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what are the types of Ringtones?

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A ringtone is actually the sound created by a cell phone to signify an incoming text or phone call. <a href="">Sonnerie Portable Gratuite</a> Not literally a sound heard in the middle of the night, nor an actual tone, the word is now commonly used to describe customizable sounds typically used on cell phones. Today, one would hardly find a cell phone with no built-in ringtone as they have become so common. There are many types and categories of ringtones, ranging from ones that are purely functional such as alarms or timers, all the way up to ones that are customized and used to represent different things like music or words. Customized tones can range from ones that are simply made to annoy others to ones that are created specifically for the purpose of allowing a phone's owner to have a custom ringtone.

Many of the ringtones available today either come in pre-installed, ready to use form, or can be easily downloaded from a number of websites. In some cases, users can assign various ringtones to specific incoming calls. This can be done by simply having the caller simply press a series of buttons to select the type of ringtone to play for that particular call. The advantage of this setup is that while a ringtone might not necessarily have any sort of meaning to the person receiving the call, they know at the least what the incoming call is by the tone chosen. In some cases, they can choose a ringtone based on whether or not the caller id is available as this has the ability to make a caller identifiable even when the caller ID is switched off.

Other ringtones may be downloaded as an audio file to a personal computer and saved on a memory card. These types of ringtones may also be assigned to a specific incoming call in certain cases. A ringback tone, which is also commonly referred to as a voice memo, is an audio file that is played when an incoming call is received. The advantage of this type of ringtone is that it is very easy for users to turn it off by simply deleting it from the memory card. The advantage of these types of ringtones is that they are not used as much as other types of ringtones, as people tend to get used to them more quickly.