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WhatsApp Plus: Download, Update and Themes

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The alternatives to WhatsApp have become the most sought out applications Play Store because they can not be found in the official repository of Google. The ability to personalize each conversation using colors, images and themes attracts a large number of young people seeking to distinguish each of their conversations.

What is WhatsApp Plus?
WhatsApp Plus is an unofficial MOD of the messaging application that we all use, this means that it offers us exactly the same functionalities as the original version of WhatsApp but with other additions, such as the ability to customize conversations, chat rooms and other sections through colors, themes and images.

Although this Mod is recognized for its customization functions, it also has extremely useful functions when we chat, such as:

You can send large audio or video files.
You can download the images in their original quality.
It allows you to hide your profile picture.
You can see the last connection and the status of the contact.
How to download WhatsApp Plus for Android
As you can imagine, this application cannot be downloaded from Google Play since it is not official, in fact it is not accepted by Facebook Inc either, so it is frequently blocked and requires an update to work again.

As we cannot download the application from the Google store, we have to install it using its APK file , which you can download from the following link.

Install [WhatsApp Plus APK](
The apk installation is done the same as any other:
Enter the download link that we leave at the end of the article.
Download the APK of the latest version of WhatsApp plus
Now go to the downloaded files section of your Android.
Run the downloaded APK and you're done.
On some devices, depending on the version of Android, you will have to activate the "Unknown sources" function.

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