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How can I get a personal loan approved?

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Lender-specific requirements for personal loan eligibility can differ. But there are a few standard prerequisites that you'll probably encounter, such as:

Good credit: To be eligible for a personal loan, you often need good to exceptional credit; a good credit score is typically regarded as 700 or higher. Personal loans for bad credit are also provided by a number of lenders; however, the interest rates on these loans are typically higher than those on loans for good credit.
Verifiable income: You'll probably need to provide proof of income regardless of the lender's minimum income requirements.
Low debt-to-income ratio: The monthly debt payment amount that you owe in relation to your income is known as your debt-to-income (DTI) ratio. For a personal loan, lenders typically want a DTI ratio of no more than 36%, however some may demand a lower percentage loan calculator.
Advice: If you're having trouble getting a personal loan authorized, think about applying with a cosigner. On personal loans, not all lenders let cosigners, although some do. Having a cosigner may help you qualify even if you don't need one to receive a better interest rate than you would otherwise.
Anyone willing to share loan obligation and has strong credit, such as a parent, other relative, or reliable friend, can cosign as a borrower. Remember that this implies you will be responsible for them in the event that you are unable to pay.

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