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Kick The Buddy Online Best Tips and trick

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Kick the Buddy : Forever is the latest in Playgendary's highly addictive doll-beating game series. The kick the buddy game follows the basic mechanics of the original in that you must repeatedly beat up Buddy the doll with a variety of weapons such as guns, swords, and even bombs. Of course, the game has improved graphics, new interactions with Buddy, new wacky weapons, new backgrounds, and even more features.
Collect coins by tapping
It's a great stress reliever, and you won't feel any guild because Buddy will always have that signature grin on his face while you beat him up. Don't forget that there are plenty of customization features that you can unlock to keep things interesting. You can always rely on us if you need help finding better ways to abuse people. Kick the Buddy: Cheats, tips, and tricks for life! If you've played any of the previous Kick the Buddy games, you might be surprised to learn that tapping on Buddy now deals a lot of damage. When you tap on him, you can also earn extra coins. If you want to just farm for coins, you can do so by tapping on Buddy repeatedly until you are satisfied with your earnings. When you are in the mood for more destruction, you can save the use of weapons for later.
Unlocking All Weapons
There are numerous weapons to be unlocked in Kick the Buddy: Forever. Unlocking more weapons, of course, means being able to beat up Buddy in new and exciting ways. Some weapons can be purchased with coins and gems. Others can be obtained by watching a specific number of video advertisements. If you don't mind using your credit card to speed things up, you can also use gems to unlock the advertisement weapons. We've listed the various weapons below to assist you in acquiring them all.

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