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Retro Bowl game free

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10/31/2029 (Due in over 5 years)
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To win a fierce rugby competition, join the Retro Bowl. Manage your team to score as many points as possible and beat your opponent team.
A rugby match is simulated in this game. In this game, you have to throw the ball backwards to your teammates to receive the ball. Do not pass forward. Teams can throw the ball back and forth an unlimited number of times. In this game, block does not support your character. During a rugby match, every player on the field will run with the ball and make more than 20 tackles. If you are an offensive player who never holds the ball and makes tackles, this game is for you! Everyone will be the one to run back and pave the way. When a deadball game is formed, the team will take the pre-determined positions; but, when mayhem occurs, everyone will sprint and tackle while carrying the ball.
Take care of your characters and make sure they succeed. To aim, drag and hold the left mouse button. Your teammates will catch the ball if you choose a safe area to throw. Then you will get points.
How to control Retro Bowl unblocked
To throw the target, click the left mouse button, then drag.
To avoid obstacles and dive, press A, W, S and D.
To move up and down, click the blue circle below the player.

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