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Office workers' favorite classic games

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Everyone's childhood memories will most likely include classic games like Tetris, Pikachu, 2048, and so on.
Here are three classic titles that have been loved so far:
1. Pikachu
With simple gameplay, you just need to connect the same pair of Pikachu so that the lines do not exceed 3 bends to get points. The game requires you to be very quick with your hands and eyes.
2. 2048
Classic 2048 is an extremely fun brain game on Fun Game. Players should move the number boxes on the screen horizontally, following the rule that two cells of equal value when entered together will form a larger number. And so on until the number 2048 is formed; then you will win, or if you can't move the number box anymore, you will lose.
3. Klondike Solitaire
On top of each pile are facing cards. Your task is to stretch all the stacks of cards and lay them out from King to Ace. The colors must alternate. The red card falls on the black card, and vice versa. There is help in the left corner when you run out of water.

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