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How to create a new Gmail account

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You can't get by in life without an email address. While there are numerous free gmail sign up services available, Gmail reigns supreme. Gmail, a free service that comes with every Google account, not only provides advanced search filters, but also a slew of other innovative features that users adore.

Gmail is widely regarded as one of the best Google products, and creating a new Gmail account is a simple process, whether you visit Gmail on a PC or use the Gmail app on a slick new Android tablet. Here's how to create your first Gmail account (or a new Gmail account to serve as a recovery email address) so you can explore everything Gmail has to offer.
It is simple to set up a new email account on the web with Gmail. You won't have any problems setting up an account if you have a phone that can receive SMS messages.

How to Set Up Your First Google Account
If you do not already have an account, you can create one by following the steps below:

  • In your web browser, navigate to the Gmail website.
  • Select Create an account in the upper-right corner.
  • Select For myself from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter your first and last name, username, and password in the required fields.
  • Choose Next.
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