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Cadena 100 Radio Station

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Among Spanish radio stations, Cadena 100 is one of the most popular and one that is listened to throughout the whole territory of Spain. The station can be heard through the internet, radio FM and DAB. It has a generalist programing. The station has a variety of music, news and interviews with artists. It is a radio station aimed at families, with a wide range of adult contemporary music.

Cadena 100 is part of the COPE group. It is the second-most popular radio station in the group after COPE. Its headquarters are in Madrid. Cadena 100 uses its proceeds to support children from developing countries, and to promote social causes. It also hosts a number of the biggest names in Spanish music.

In addition to radio, Cadena 100 also has a mobile application. The application offers interactive features, news, and suggestions for staying positive. It also features a daily opportunity to win 1000 euros. The app also features information about the artists that listeners love.

The radio station is hosted by Christian Galvez, who is known for his Saturday shows. The station also has a variety of music, with songs that cheer listeners up. The music variety is aired on different dials throughout Spain.

Among the popular shows on Cadena 100 are Javi Nieves, Mar Amate, and Mar Amate. Cadena 100 also airs "La Noche de Cadena 100", an annual concert event. The concerts feature top international artists.

In addition to music, Cadena 100 is also known for the "Happy Hour". This event starts at 8:00 pm and ends at 12:00 am. It turns every night into a party.

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