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Flagle, what is it?

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The flag guessing game, or Flagle, uses Wordle as its foundation. The fundamental objective of Flage is to identify the name of the nation or the territory. It's a thrilling game. You can make several guesses at the nation's name. Flags will be flown during the Flagle Game. The guess's flag component displays the same color.

To make a prediction more likely, the color palette shows the common color. The Flagle guessing game is simple to play and nicely made. Visit the official website to play the new version of the flag guessing game. After the game loads, the grid's boxes are all blank.

It contains six empty boxes. A search bar with a list of nations will also be present. Pick a nation from the list, then try to identify its flag.

How to play the Flagle Wordle?
The Fragle uses a similar approach to the Wordle guessing game. To play the game, follow the directions below.

The first step is to make six guesses about the flag.

Step 2: Select a flag or the color button from the display.

Step 3: Decide the color to filter by. That indicates whether or not the flagle holds the chosen hue.

For instance, it gets deleted from the display if you chose the color Orange but the flag does not use that shade.

Similar to Flagle Wordle, Flagle Wordle shows all flags that contain the color green if the flag contains the color green.

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