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How to access your saved favorite Tiktok

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How to access your saved favorite Tiktok

videos by using your android mobile, but this trick also works on ios devices.

Because all the tik tok applications have the same setting locations. Most of

the tik-tok user's are raising this question, because my friend add the one of

the tik-tok video to favorite section, so after few days he like to watch that

particular video. But he doesn't know how to access this liked videos in tik tok,

so if you have the same problem, just follow me friends I show the steps to

access it. So let's go to our tutorial... Once you open your tik tok application

and don't forget to complete your login processes and once your account is ready

now in this home page section you can press this person icon and it is placed at the

bottom of 5th one and it shows my tik tok profile, but in this section you can

press this curved box icon and it is placed behind that "Edit profile" settings and

then it shows some tik tok videos and these are the some videos are my

favorite tik tok videos. So if you like to watch this video, just press on it and

it automatically goes to that particular tik tok profile and there is possible to

add your favorite hashtags, sounds and effects. So this is the way you can

easily locate your favorite tik tok videos location.

Note: If you want to download these Liked Tiktok Video then You can use to download these Tiktok videos.

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On the home page, Geometry Dash look for the "Me" icon (person icon) located at the bottom right corner of the screen. Tap on it to access your TikTok profile.

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By tapping on the "Curved Box" icon, among us you will be taken to among us io a section where you can find all the TikTok videos you have liked or saved as favorites.

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