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Summary of 10 best coloring apps on phones

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1. Coloring Book Of Dogs
Coloring Book of Dogs is the app for anyone who loves dogs. You can color pictures of some of the most famous dogs in the world and even use the blank page to draw whatever you want. Undoubtedly, Coloring Book of Dogs offers hours of fun entertainment for all ages.
2. Colorfy
Colorfy is an extremely detailed coloring book, voted one of the best apps of 2015 by Google. This app is famous for its high quality paintings and rich collection. Colorfy includes an AR virtual art gallery, allowing you to see your creations in the real world. Colorfy has a premium option that unlocks hundreds of coloring pages and many more tools.
3. Zen Coloring Book
Zen Coloring Book is the perfect coloring book to relax. Lifelike colors get darker when you hold down your finger or mouse, and the designs are intricate enough to keep you and your little ones busy. With Zen, users can color on a variety of textures such as canvas, leather, brick, and silk.
4. Recolor
Recolor is one of the most unique coloring pages apps, allowing users to colorize flat as well as 3D photos. The range of colors and ways to play make it a unique experience for all ages. With more than 1000 different photos, Recolor will bring joy to every user for a long time. Recolor's unlimited subscription offers new photos every day and will unlock the entire catalog for you to enjoy.
5. Color By Number Coloring Book
Color by Number Coloring Book adds a little innovation to coloring operations. Simply touch the color you want to use and the color will convert to the corresponding pixel. Young children will learn about color recognition. For adults, Color by Number Coloring Book is a great way to dispel boredom. Subscribing to Color by Number Coloring Book brings you many new pictures every day and unlocks all available coloring pages.

6. Pigment
Pigment is the perfect way to get some inspiration. With the gallery available, you can view all the artworks from all over the world, color your own painting and share it online or save it to use for any purpose. Pigment includes 24 different pencils, markers and brushes, plus a huge image library. Premium package unlocks all available coloring pages, premium brushes and exclusive palettes.
7. Toonia Colorbook
Everyone will love Toonia Colorbook coloring book. Each time you color in a spot on the page, the stars on the screen celebrate your win. The app features music, cute characters, and super simple coloring pages that are perfect for even the smallest hands. Toonia supports multi-touch, which means little ones can color with friends or parents while learning how to share. You can save, share and print your work right from within the app.
8. COLOR Coloring Book
COLOR Coloring Book offers a whole new coloring experience by using space colors and neon colors to make the picture stand out. Young children will love the way their creations sparkle. When finished coloring, you can set your masterpiece as your phone wallpaper easily using the app. The premium version of COLOR Coloring Book removes all ads and unlocks the entire coloring page, as well as built-in tools.
9. Voxly
Voxly brings coloring to the real world in full 3D. With easy color by number, you can create 3D photos that look like they'll pop out of the screen. Voxly allows users to share artwork easily with friends and loved ones via Instagram, Facebook and other messaging apps. New content will be added weekly.

10. Disney Color And Play
Disney Color and Play brings your favorite Disney characters to the real world. For example, color Mickey Mouse, then tap the magic wand to watch the character jump and play in 3D. The app includes several playrooms for your favorite characters, and many new rooms will be available in the paid version.

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