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you get to pinch and drag a man with a very flexible face

Added by Anonymous almost 2 years ago. Updated 10 months ago.

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Elastic Man is an exciting 3D rendering of Morty where you get to pinch and drag a man with a very flexible face. Make you feel funny and oddly satisfying.

The current life is too busy with work, creating pressure and sadness for everyone. If you are finding a way to relax, let's participate in this game. Elastic Man is predicted to bring you fun and pleasant moments after long workdays.

There is no goal in this game. Have fun hitting and dragging the man's elastic face. The face of a man with an elastic body and a flexible face stretches out like a balloon when you pull on him. The game's physics system is highly excellent. Regardless of what you do to Elastic Man's face, his eyes will follow your mouse pointer.

The mechanics are so simple. You can play the game only by using the mouse to tug the man's face and extend it as far as your mouse will allow. The stretched skin will bounce back to the skull and form a ripple before returning to its original position when you release go. These movements of the man's face and eyes bring entertainment in a strange way. Simply stretch by tapping and holding different regions of the face to get happiness and fun.

David Li developed this simulation game. Have a good time when enjoying this game


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